Bushido has a rulebook now! First look.

I got the brand new and finally released Bushido rule book yesterday in the mail! For those of you, who do not know of Bushido, it is a skirmish tabletop game based on Japanese horror and fantasy elements. All set in a semi feudal Japan atmosphere. You have various factions and groups that range from demonic hordes and undead to structured clans and even animal loving monks and old guisers. It is a game I have been wanting to play for some time. I even picked up some models in the day. Now I finally have something in my hand to read into and check it out when I plan to delve into it more!


I haven’t had the time to read through the book. I will surely add a review of it at some later point, when I get around to it. But I will glance through it and give you guys a heads up on my first impressions and show a few examples of the book’s contents.


I know Bushido has fluff and it is scattered everywhere on the GCT website. Finally we get a compiled version that explains a lot in the world of Bushido. I am really looking forward to reading through it, especially the Cult of Yurei sections, which interest me the most, since I like the models the most of the entire range.


Faction sections look pretty neat and show most of the current models in each faction. It is really nice seeing all of these models together and in some coherent scheme. I cannot wait!


The rule sections look better organized and more coherent than the older PDF versions of the rule book. I will have to see how coherent it actually is, once I get into the game more.


I love this part of the book. A tutorial on how to make realistic looking bamboo! Though it is sparse, it is a great idea! Too bad they didn’t add a few more tutorials to help give their player base some insight and ideas on creating terrain, bases and maybe even conversions of their models. Still a great addition, in my opinion!

That was the quick glance at the book! As mentioned above, I will surely add in a more detailed review, whenever. Until then!


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