The broken chair, nothing painted and bitch slappin’.

My chair is broken. Well, my desk chair. And thus I cannot really do anything at my desk at home for a while, or at least until this coming Saturday, when I will have my new chair. Hence any paintings and even these blog posts have diminished the past week and a half. Alas, I should be getting into funky stuff once I get my groove on again.

A small highlight pertaining to Malifaux for me recently was managing to pull off some good old and nice backhanders via Seamus on Zoraida. It was something like a personal goal and I somehow managed to achieve it. It was quite a fun scene in the game and really shows off how fluffy and story based this game really is. It is not like other games, where you have faceless masses that shoot at each other and eventually kill off the other side *cough*40k*cough*.


Here you can have an old hag using her voodoo magic to cause mayhem and chaos amongst the obviously well-organized ranks of undead hookers. In response to that the pimp will just have to show who is actually the boss. You can add more flavor to your games and what happens and this severely reminds me of tabletop based role-playing games, such as D&D, etc… Games in Malifaux tend to be like this more often and you can have a really exciting and epic moment in each and every game.

A short post for now. I got another one coming up with more music and CDs as well. Been rather money spending in that field as of late. Hehe. Cheers!

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