Deviantart! Me! Now! Well, already for a while…

Hey! Just a quick and spiffy update for all of you, in case you do not already know yet: I have my own DA account!

Basically I will be posting ‘professionally’ taken photos of my models there and use it as a gallery for all of them. Uploading them here would not only fill up my space quickly, but also still be pretty crappy to hunt down specific images. Hence, the gallery! Woop!


Here is what one of my ‘professional’ photos looks like. I got a white bubble light box and a yucky table to function as a pale background to the bright model. I also added a watermark in the upper right corner. I think it is pretty nifty! 🙂

At the moment my DA account only has my finished showgirls uploaded. I do have loads of other pictures taken, though. I just need to add silly watermarks and resize the images and make them a bit smaller and less data intensive. Haha.

That is that for now! More to come~

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