The Heat is On! – Trixie and loads of slow progress

Weekly posts, my ass! Hah! You bet! I have been rather super busy as of late and the progress I have made is not really picture worthy or worthy of blog post summaries. Basically this sums everything up:

1)Working on plastic. Lots of it.

End of story.

With that I have finally gotten my GenCon stuff. Yay awesome things. Amongst these I have the wonderful Trixiebelle down below. This model (game wise) has the potential to become my new favorite Gremlin to use (after a close tie between Pere Ravage and Francois LaCroix). She is basically one of the most versatile miniatures of my Gremlin force. Damn she will be fun to use!

wpid-20150926_054609.jpg wpid-20150926_054615.jpg

wpid-20150926_054624.jpg wpid-20150926_054630.jpg

I went off of my usual color scheme and added some more color to the range. I gave her a pinkish purple hair color. Not necessarily a color I intend on using (yet), but none the less I think it adds well to her ‘perky’ personality. Pun intended. Her base is intended to offer more of that sexual allure, she seems to present (could go for disgust as well, haha). Fun times are to be had!

Also prepped from Trixiebelle’s crew are these two gal pals of her’s:


I have also partially painted two other models. My Oiran Gremlin conversion and one my the Brewmaster’s Moon Shinobi.

wpid-20150926_054809.jpg wpid-20150926_054854.jpg

To get back onto plastics and lots of work thereof: I am on the sidelines working on a new plastic Colette crew. So far the only model assembled and primed is this girl here. She isn’t a stripper! Just a pole dancer…


I will get into more detail once I work on the Colette gals more and more. There is a lot to be done and lots of prep work necessary. More on it later.


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