“Drink Up!” and a Whole Lot of Madness

Ever had a bad hangover? Like really bad? So bad, you didn’t even get up? This is what it can be like if you play against the Brewmaster. A unique gremlin master with the capability to make models in-game literally puke for an entire turn. I finally finished my Brewmaster crew and would like to present you the finished results.
I originally posted images of Apprentice Wesley and one of the three Moon Shinobi. Check out my older posts for more clicky clicks on them. I also posted WIPs on an Oiran/Performer conversion in a previous post. These models are also finished and will be shown in more detail down below.

Let us start off with the minion models. I already posted my nice and white Moon Shinobi. It is time to notch off the next two. One must say the Moon Shinobi are some of the most hilarious models of the entire Wyrd range and are equally fun to paint, at least to a certain degree… Since their clothing is rather simple and monotonous, it can be tedious to paint fold after folds of the same color in repetition. An issue brought up by all three of the Shinobis. I still like the color range the best on this model.

wpid-20150930_165133.jpg wpid-20150930_165140.jpg

wpid-20150930_165146.jpg wpid-20150930_165151.jpg

The third runt of the litter was somewhat okayish to paint. The brown color I chose for him is a bit annoying to paint. I can only explain it like this: I like uniformity. Thus I paint models belonging to other models I have painted in the same fashion/style as the previous ones. Basically I have to paint with a ‘lower’ skill than what I can do and enjoy painting more. I could do a far better and more skilled approach, but would be bothered by a kick ass model accompanying models that are not as bad-ass. Thus I force myself to paint a lower quality and unfortunately enjoy painting it less. Regardless of this the model wasn’t terrible to paint. I hate it for being so hugely out of scale compared to other gremlin models. This guy is a huge dude for a Ht 1 model…

20151225_061230 20151225_061234

20151225_061238 20151225_061242

This gal is one I kind of made myself. I used a Gremlinette as a base model, took off a bit and added some more to make a cute serving girl for my Brewmaster. She functions as either an Oiran (TT) or Performer (TT/GR). Her dress was made out of green stuff I had flattened and cut to size. Nice mini skirt! Her platter is a bit of plasticard and the cups are some cut up plastic cable. Simple and easy to manage with regular stuff I have lying around. I am kind of proud of her. I surely could have done better. I am still content with her being one of my first attempts at sculpting/modifying an already finished model.

wpid-20151007_175807.jpg wpid-20151007_175814.jpg

wpid-20151007_175820.jpg wpid-20151007_175824.jpg

There are two things every good bar definitely needs… The first being a ruffian, who not only enjoys treating himself to a beer on your coin, but also keeps the rest you had and leaves you with an empty wallet and a hangover so bad, you would wish you were dead. Fingers is this fellow. He is pretty simple in nature. Not much on him but coin from drunken fools, he was able to steal from. His face is downright awesome and I really enjoyed painting that portion of him. The rest is not really anything special or neat. I personally think he doesn’t stand out too much, considering he is a Henchman. That might be a good thing though…

20151225_061301 20151225_061304

20151225_061310 20151225_061314

The second thing every good bar or tavern needs is some lively music. For this I hired Lust into my lot. She is one of the seven and plays music good enough to make people even fall in love. She fits in well with the crew as the enemy becomes weakened and more prone to Wp based attacks over time. Keeping models pinned down near her and her aura is just nasty and I look forward to harassing my opponents with her.
Her paint job is rather simplistic. I wanted to tie in some orange with her and seeing as she hardly has anything worthwhile, I went for an orange dress (same color as my gremlins’ skin tone). She was rather quick to paint. I personally believe she could be painted better, but as mentioned above I want uniformity and not awesomeness for this selections of models. I intend on hooking myself up with another set of the musical seven models of mayhem. There I should paint her to justice!

20151227_132445 20151227_132452

20151227_132458 20151227_132507

Now comes the man himself. The legendary brewster. The king of drunkards. I imagine this guy must seem a god amongst the gremlin folk, as he bestows upon them the gift of moon shine and with this a cocktail mix to help them forget their short-lived and meaningless lives.
I wanted this one to have a golden set of clothing. And not golden like silk or the lot, but glittering golden. More shiny than shiny can get. It is difficult with NMM to achieve this (at least it is for me) and I pretty much improvised. Painting the gold tone as I would any other part and then dab on some gentle specks of bone for a faked glitter effect. I am pleased enough with it. If you guys have a better idea or know how to achieve this effect, let me know!
His cane is technically bamboo. Most bamboo sticks you would see are going to mostly be a light brown/ocher tone. I couldn’t paint that due his cloak already being a similar color scheme. So I went for younger and fresher bamboo, in green. A great way for me to add another green color to my model pool. I like the way it turned out, as it could almost be real… Haha. Just joking. A fun model to paint and I am glad I have him finished.

20151227_132412 20151227_132419

20151227_132425 20151227_132429

This leaves me with a finished crew to mess around with and cause some mayhem. Next up for Brewmaster would be his “little” pet, the Whiskey Golem. I have other painting priorities as of now, but should be getting to him in the near future.


A model I forgot to add to my post with Mah Tucket, Little Lass and my Rooster Rider would be Merris LaCroix. The big fat and angry jet pack gremlin of super hot death and doom… stuffs. She was a blast (pun intended) to paint and I am really glad with the results. Her rocket pack is kind of half-assed, but I can live with that. Most of her attention is drawn towards the pillar of smoke and flame she emits and I must say I really dig what I did there. I will have to use that set of paints again in the near future (Wong crew…).

20151116_154149 20151116_154240

20151116_154230 20151116_154159

I hope you guys enjoyed this assortment of models. With that I basically have posted all of the models I managed to paint from our “The Heat is On!” event. Now it is pretty much smooth sailing. A mixture between Ressurrectionists and Gremlins will be coming up next, followed by some spicy hot girl butts. See you then!

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2 Comments on ““Drink Up!” and a Whole Lot of Madness”

  1. August 7, 2016 at 11:58 pm #

    Brilliant! I’m keen to proxy Brewie and give him a try – really like the idea of the crew, and I would definitely look at taking Lust and a Performer with him. You’ll have to let us know how you enjoy the playstyle!

    • March 25, 2019 at 5:13 pm #

      I know it has been years since your post! Sorry lol! Brewie was back in ME2 fun as heck. Not always super competative but fun enough to ruin people’s days. ❤
      Give him a try in upcoming ME3!

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