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Pew, pew! Science fiction mini stuff!

The painting blockage, future blog.

As you can tell I haven’t been posting much content to this blog as of late. This has had many reasons, one of them mostly being due to a slight blockage. I just haven’t been in the mood to sit down and paint away. Partially due to the strong heat here as well. I did, […]

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Looking good!

I finally ‘finished’ my alternate Keisotsu model. The figure itself is finished. I just need to touch up on the base a bit and then the sucker will be done and awesome. I must really say that I am more pleased with this model than my other Keisotsu. Mostly because the colors look more natural […]

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All kinds of stuff~

*inhales* First off I would like to get into what I am currently working on. That being my Colette crew for Malifaux. The general idea I have for the crew is to maintain a color palette and not to sway off of it at all. This meaning I will not use any other really vibrant […]

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Making bases for Infinity

I finally took the time to finish up some bases for my Japanese Sectorial Army in Infinity. I did have a couple of models already based, including some Keisotsu and even Kitsune on some nifty rocks. The latter was supposed to turn out differently but I decided at the time to go for a half-assed […]

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To Infinity and beyond! Well, something like that…

Infinity is a science fiction based skirmish game that really has beuatiful models. Awesome stuff and so tiny and super detailed it is killer! It is a game a friend and I really wanted to get into mostly because we enjoyed the look of the models and we needed a bit of varitey to what […]

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